21 Nov 2012

Children's Stories

Snow white - The story beyond 'They lived happily ever after'

Snow white's story so far is well known to everyone. But this story begins after the prince marries snow white and they live happily ever after.
      The prince and snow white were living peacefully in the palace away from the wicked step-mother of hers. One day, the step-mom asks her magic mirror "mirror! mirror! on the wall, who's the fairest of all?" The mirror replies, "Snow white". Step-mom gets furious. She herself had given her poisonous apple so how could she survive? The mirror shows her living happily with the prince.

The step-mom visits her and asks her to stay with her for a few days. She also apologizes for all her past deeds. The prince and Snow white happily forgives her and Snow white accepts her invitation. But the cunning step-mom had dangerous plans. One day, on the pretext of making her hair she makes her sit in front of the magic mirror. Then with her magical powers she brings her reflection out and traps Snow white in the mirror.  She laughs with joy,"Ha! Ha! Ha!, now you no longer exists in this world, only your reflection remains. So, I am the most beautiful women forever and ever in this world!" She then asks the mirror "So, mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of all?" The mirror replies "undoubtedly, you madam!"
        The step-mom then sends Snow white's reflection to the prince. The reflection doesn't talk and remains sad always. The prince could not understand her strange behavior. One day, an old dwarf comes to the palace and tells him the truth. He says, "oh, prince, please believe me. Snow white is trapped in the mirror and this is only her reflection. She will remain in the mirror forever if her step-mom breaks the mirror exactly at midnight on the full moon night. You must go and stop her." Prince along with Snow white's reflection behind on his horse sets out in search of the step mom.
       Snow white, inside the mirror calls out for help but only her voice echoes back. She keeps walking on the shining floor. One day she meets one of her old dwarf friend. He tells her how the step-mom forced them to help her in her wicked plans. But they refused and ran away. On the way, they met an old wise dwarf who gave them a protection shield from magic. He said "as long as you hold on to this you will be safe from any kind of magic." But the step mom blew it into pieces and got them trapped in the mirror. Since then all the seven dwarfs were lost from each other inside the mirror, each with a piece of the protection shield.
      They two walked together in search of others and came to a silver lake. A narrow golden bridge led them to the center of the lake where they found the second dwarf with another piece of the protection shield. When Snow white got the two pieces fixed together, there appeared a sparkling tunnel which led them to a place where they found the third dwarf. Now they understood that if they manage to find all the seven dwarfs and joined the pieces of the protection shield together, maybe they can find a way out. On joining the third piece, a ladder made with creepers appeared. They climbed it to reach the top and found the fourth dwarf with another piece there. On joining the fourth piece, They found themselves floating over clouds where they met the fifth dwarf with another piece. On joining the fifth piece, a huge swan appeared and flew them away on its back. The swan took them to a valley of flowers, There were soft rose petals underneath their feet. They found the sixth dwarf there and upon joining the piece with him, a mirror appeared in front of them and the seventh dwarf was sitting there with the final piece of the protection shield. They could see the full moon night outside. The step mom was busy with her black magic and waiting for the clock to strike 12.

          The prince managed to reach step mom before midnight and tried to prevent her proceed with her black magic. As soon as Snow white joins the seventh piece, the mirror becomes transparent and they all come out of it. The reflection of Snow white jumps off the horse and hurriedly enters the mirror. The step mom would never let this happen, she manages to catch hold of her hand and tries to prevent it from escaping into mirror. The prince quickly breaks the mirror and step mom got trapped into it forever and Snow white thus gets reunited with her prince forever. The seven dwarfs dance with joy as Snow white and the prince stand holding hands in the moonlight.