27 Oct 2012

Children's Stories
Fairy Tales 1
                  Tale of Fairyland
Long long ago, in the foothills of Himalayas, there was a kingdom called Sonapur.  There lived a brave young man named Shankar.  One day when Shankar was cutting wood in the forest, he saw a golden rabbit.  Chasing the rabbit he went deep inside the woods.  The rabbit suddenly vanished and the place became aromatic which made him unconscious.  As he was lying there, two fairies in pink and blue quietly came down and took him along with them.
When Shankar opened his eyes, he found himself in a luxurious golden palace.  There was no firm ground but only clouds beneath his feet.  His mystery was solved soon when a voice called him, "Welcome to Fairyland.  I'm the King of this place."  Shankar could not believe his ears.  He asked, "Fairyland? But how did I land here?"  The King replied,"You have been brought here by our fairies."  Shankar now understood the entire plot and said,"You mean all those who disappear from forest, actually land here? But why?"  The King replied,"For sacrifice!"  And he continued,"A demon named Kalka has forcefully entered our land.  He is performing a yagna to become immortal, for which he needs one human sacrifice every full moon night.  We are helpless.  If we don't provide him with men, he will destroy our kingdom.  Please forgive us."  The pink and blue fairies, then holding his hands, flew him upto Kalka's fort.

The door was kept ajar. Shankar went inside and saw a frail girl cooking in a corner. He went near her and immediately recognized her.  She was the princess of Sonapur who went missing mysteriously a year ago.  she told him how Kalka sacrificed everyone in front of her eyes and drank their blood.  She was spared because he wanted only male sacrifices.  She was kept as a slave there.

Just then the demon called out,"Has he arrived? Bring him here."  The princess looked at Shankar helplessly and led him to the demon's chamber where he was chanting mantras and a big pot was kept on fire for boiling water.  Huge Kalka lifted Shankar by neck and threw him into the pot.  As the water began to boil Shankar struggled inside it and the pot was turned upside down. Shankar fell off the pot and pretended to be dead.  As Kalka bent over him, he attacked him with a burning piece of wood, leaving his eye bleeding.  Kalka cried for water.  The princess cleverly handed him the fuel can instead of water jar.  Kalka quickly splashed it over his face.  And before he could realize anything, Shankar threw a burning piece of wood on him and he was charred to death. The King of Fairyland was very happy.  He thanked Shankar and rewarded him with precious gifts.

That day, people of Sonapur saw a shining object coming from the sky.  It was a flying couch carrying the princess and Shankar escorted by the pink and blue fairies.  The King was overjoyed to see his daughter back.  He gave her in marriage to Shankar.

And this wedding was a very special one because it had guests from Fairyland.  It is believed that even today, the pink and blue fairies are sometimes spotted in those hills.

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