27 Oct 2012

Children's Stories
Read Aloud 2
                             Droppy's Day Out
Droppy was a cute little baby cloud. Droppy always asked his mother "Mamma, when will I go out and shower rain like others?  Mamma would reply lovingly, "wait till you are big and strong."

Soon it was monsoon and all the big clouds were showering rains on earth. some would downpour heavily while others would cause thunder along with rain. little Droppy was very excited. He looked down and said, "see how the kids are enjoying the rain! I wish I could make them happy too."
        After a while when all the clouds were quite, Droppy moved out in the sky. on his way he met Mr Wind. Wind said, "Come little cloud, I'll help you float around." "Ooopss" cried Droppy as wind flew swiftly  holding his hand. Droppy was spread across the sky into a thin layer.

Sun greeted Droppy with a shiny smile which made Droppy's droplets sparkle brilliantly. Droppy looked down as the kids were pointing at him and shouting, look there, a beautiful rainbow in the sky!"

        Droppy looked at himself, indeed he was shining with different colours all over.

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