27 Oct 2012

Children's stories
Science Fiction 1
This story originates billions of years ago, much before the evolution of life on Earth during the 'Big- Bang'.  What geologists could ever find out was that, our Earth was the only planet to support life. A fact that remained unknown was that like Earth, some other planets too developed some kind of life.  But unfortunately, they could not support life for long as conditions there changed abruptly and life forms were completely destroyed.  When Earth was under transformation, planet Mars was experiencing violent explosions within itself.  These explosions were so powerful that they caused the rocks and other materials from Mars's crust to fall on the Earth, as meteors.  These meteors landed in the polar region.  Though meteors falling on Earth is a common phenomenon even today, but these meteors from Mars were different because they had the initial budding life particles in it.  So, though the life on Mars was destroyed in the initial stages, some of it was still safe and frozen in the snow in the polar region on Earth.
Unaware of this, humans advanced day by day. The 21st century man is highly sophisticated and modern.  But the modernization came with some compromise on nature.  The growing industries and cutting down of trees with the increasing population resulted in global warming. And slowly as the ice began to melt in the polar region, the life frozen there for ages began to warm up. When man was making attempts to find life on other planets, some creatures were evolving in the remote polar regions of Earth.  Soon they got completely evolved into creatures never known to human - 'the Aliens'.

The aliens looked almost like humans, but they had a very powerful brain with 90% more grey matter than us. They had a strange power to read human mind through the eyes. They could be distinguished from humans only by their white blood and that they reproduced by eggs. Their eggs needed freezing temperatures and hence remained buried in snow for almost a year. In summer, if the snow melted from over the eggs, their young ones would hatch out, otherwise they would remain there for years, unaffected. The polar region became a breeding place  for aliens.  They were unknown to the world so far.

It so happened that a batch of scientists once went there for geological studies and accidently discovered them.  They thought them to be tribal Eskimos. The aliens read their mind and grasped all the knowledge in a flash. It made headlines worldwide that a tribe of intelligent Eskimos was discovered. They were brought to the mainland. They could speak any language and were tech-savvy. They seemed very innocent but actually had cunning intentions. They had dangerous plan to take over the planet Earth from humans. They quickly got appointed in high positions at all the important places the world over. Now, their only aim was to get involved with the topmost organisation which had all the information about the nuclear strength of Earth. The alien Chief Mr Spook, was the one who took all important decisions for them. His orders were obeyed unquestionably. He got himself absorbed as the Head in the Defence Organisation.

Mr Spook had his aliens placed in the Atomic and Research Centre too. But they were not able to gain much information yet because Mr Williams, the head of the organisation was too difficult to crack. It was very difficult to win his trust.  moreover he already had a suspicious eye on these newly recruited eskimos. He, along with his team of officers had begun a secret mission to dig the background of the eskimos. They succeeded in getting their DNA sample and other crucial details.

Mr Williams, in his office, was too engrossed into analyzing all the data he had from their secret mission. Meanwhile, Mr Spook, who was frustrated as not getting any substantial progress from his aliens in the Atomic Centre, decides to meet Mr Williams himself. He is on his way to his office. Mr Williams, on his computer, step by step becomes aware of the truth of the eskimos. He is shocked to know of their white blood and the genetic coding so different from any species on earth. He now knows who they possibly are and what are their intentions. Just as he was to make a call to his team members regarding their findings, Mr Spook enters the room. In no time, he finds out that Mr Williams has found out everything about them. He presses his palm against Mr Williams chest and he immediately drops down dead. The reason of his death is known to be cardiac arrest.

Mr Spook, is still worried. He knows that Mr Williams had all the information stored in his computer and secured it with a password known only to him. Till now nobody was able to crack the code. He decides to send one his brilliant alien and get the information deleted before anyone else cracks the code. He appoints Jack, a young alien for this job. He says to Jack, "Jack, you have to read their minds and grasp all the knowledge. But be careful of a virus found inbuilt in the humans. The virus of emotions. It will make you laugh, cry, love and hate and your productivity will be affected.So, beware." Jack was easily appointed at a significant post in the Atomic Centre. He soon impressed everyone and gained their confidence. He became among those few who had the right to access Late Mr Williams' computer. There he meets Gracy, Mr Williams daughter. He looks into her eyes and forgets to takes any precautions and he gets infected with emotions. He starts liking her, very unusual of his race. Gracy too is very impressed by him. They began to spend more and more time together. He successfully completes his task of hacking the computer but something in him prevents him from telling it to his Chief. Mr Spook, after not getting any news from Jack decides to visit him. When he enters his room, he could not believe his eyes, Jack was painting! Mr Spook understands that he has been infected. He tries to read his mind to find the password. But Jack prevents him from reading his mind. He keeps thinking 'a brick wall' in his mind. Mr Spook could not get the password. He tears down the painting into pieces and sends him for treatment. At the treatment centre, instead of curing him of the virus, everyone there gets infected. The virus begins to spread very fast. When Mr Spook comes to know of this, he orders all the aliens to wear dark glasses and shoot-at-sight orders for the infected aliens.

Jack wants to meet Gracy and confess everything. But before he could reach her, he is shot down. Mr Spook cleverly proves him to be a traitor, the one whom Mr Williams was investigating about. Everybody, except Gracy is relieved that the traitor has been killed. Gracy still cannot believe all this. He was too good and trustworthy to be a traitor. She tries to stick together all the pieces of the torn painting that she had collected from his office. It was her painting. And oh what a beautiful one! But what surprised her was the message written behind it. It read 'Aliens'. She thinks hard what it must be indicating. One possibility was that it could be the password. So, she feeds the word 'Aliens' as password to the computer, it works. Now, everything is clear to in front of her eyes. She immediately calls for her father's trusted officers and the necessary action is taken. Aliens are attacked and killed. Their eggs are unearthed and blown up. Thus, earth is saved from a grave danger. There is a huge sigh of relief. And yes, Jack is the only alien who holds a special place in everybody's heart and is awarded with the highest bravery award . Gracy is glad that at last Jack got the honour he deserved.


  1. Awesome, good work, keep it up.

  2. quickly you grasped my attention and concentration :) good work... awesome

    1. Thanks. I am new as a blogger and also to indiblogger. It's nice to get reviewed.

  3. Brilliant!! M always a great fan of sci-fi.. and especially this Alien thing ever since I was a kid.

    I just think that it ended abruptly. You could have given little more detail in the climax portion. Nevertheless, this is what I thought. It's your work.. you are better judge. Keep writing.. :) :)

  4. Thanks Prasoon,
    I will come up with more sci-fi stories with a good climax as you have suggested. Thanks again for reviewing.