27 Oct 2012

Children's Stories
Fiction 1
                                           The Seven Sisters
Once upon a time, there were seven sisters who earned their livelihood by spinning yarn. They were very poor. One day they had nothing to eat except a handful of grains. They decided to go dropping the grains one by one. Where the last grain fell, they would start their lives afresh.
      The last grain was dropped in the forest near a hut. There was a lady in the hut. She offered them goat's milk. The hungry sisters drank the milk and slept. The youngest one who disliked goat's milk, did not drink it. So she was lying awake due to hunger.

        The old lady was actually a witch and the goat was her daughter who could take any form. At midnight all those who drank milk, turned into wax dolls and the witch bottled them up. Seeing this the youngest sister ran away. The witch's daughter saw her and began chasing her. When they came out of the forest, the witch transformed herself into a dog. Luckily, the King was out for a walk. When he saw a dog attacking a girl, he killed the dog.
        The girl told the King all about her. The King was deeply moved  and also too impressed by her beauty. He married her.She was very happy with the King but always longed for her sisters.
        Soon she gave birth to a son and named him Tomar. When Tomar grew little older, she told him about her sisters. Tomar decided to take revenge.
          He went to the forest and found the hut. The old witch was there, unaware of her daughter's death, waiting for her return. He went to the witch and said, "Granny, I'm your grandson." The witch replied, "but my daughter is missing for years." Tomar told her a cooked up story and convinced her. The witch taught him all the magic and said, "You must go to your uncle 'Trikaal', up there in the moon to learn the deadliest magic. Pointing towards a hand-grinder, she said, "If you move it towards right, it will raise you up and up, up to the moon." Tomar did so and went to meet Trikaal. Thinking him to be his nephew, Trikaal taught him everything. In the end, he offered Tomar a potion made from snake blood. When Tomar refused to drink it, Trikaal understood that he has been fooled. He attacked Tomar. But Tomar was equally powerful now. So after a fierce battle, Tomar threw him away.

After floating smoothly over some distance on the moon's surface, he saw a woman spinning the yarn. On speaking to her, he came to know that she was one of his lost aunts. She said, "After we were bottled as wax dolls, Trikaal brought us to the moon. But we slipped from his hand. As I fell on the ground, the bottle broke and I was released from the magic spell. Since then I have been spinning the yarn. I know my sisters must be doing the same. So I want to make a long thread which will reach my sisters somewhere here on the moon." Tomar with his magical powers connected the ends of all the six threads and united all the sisters. He made a ladder from moon upto earth. They began climbing down one by one. Trikaal too started climbing down behind them. On reaching the ground, Tomar asked his mother to get an axe quickly and he axed the ladder. Trikaal who got stuck midway is still hanging there. It is said that since then, his loud cries are heard as thunder.

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