30 Oct 2012

Children's Stories
Read Aloud 3              
               Clever Boggy

Boggy is a little frog who loves to go to school.  Today is the first day of his new academic year. "Oh my! it's water everywhere. How will I go to school? My uniform will get wet!" cried little Boggy. It rained heavily last night," said papa frog. Then handing handing him a large leaf he said,"This will float you through the rain water and you won't get wet."
"Hurray!" cried Boggy and hopped on the leaf. The leaf became unstable for a while but then began to float swiftly. "Wait, take your umbrella," shouted mamma frog and came with a small mushroom. And off went Boggy.
On his way Boggy met a big snake. Before the snake could put out his tongue, Boggy planned his escape. Boggy said, "Wait....wait, uncle snake. If you leave leave me now, I promise to return with lots of friends from school." Snake said, "Umm, let me think! If you don't keep your word and return alone, I can have you at least. I think it's a safe bet. O.K, you can go now."

In the evening, the snake sat there patiently, waiting for lots of fat little frogs. But alas! he did not know that Boggy's friends were not frogs but eaglets. Before the snake could run for his life, all the eaglets pounced upon him and gobbled him up. Boggy thanked his friends and now he can go to school fearlessly.

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