15 Nov 2012

Children's stories
Science Fiction
                          Human Hibernation (Part 2)

Years turned into decades and decades into centuries, but Earth's smoky trap seemed endless, never ending. There remained pitch dark all over earth with everyone in deep sleep since ages. While this highly advanced civilization was in hibernation, life on other planets was advancing. One such planet was Jupiter. Jupiterians were now the new masters of the solar system. They were giant size people. 10 feet tall with blue eyes and bluish tinge hair and skin. At last, one fine day the Dawn was bestowed on the earth's horizon! But the sun rays were not able to wake up humans from their hibernation. People continued into their hibernation as ice began to melt down.
             Meanwhile in the planet Jupiter, there was a new discovery being made. Their telescopes revealed sudden presence of a blue planet in the solar system. So, the aliens from Jupiter made their discovery mission towards earth. By now, the ice has melted completely and the Jupiterians were surprised to see such advanced civilization. They tried to look for any intelligent species on the planet but could find none. When they first saw men lying still inside their houses, they thought them to be corpses. But on close monitoring, found them to be alive and understood the mystery to some extent. The human body although successfully survived the period of darkness but was now unable to come out of hibernation. The aliens took advantage of this. They very cleverly, did bring them out of hibernation, but only partially, not completely. The aliens inserted a microchip in them and controlled their minds through it. Within no time, the entire world was full of human slaves with a handful of aliens controlling them. These slaves were emotionless and worked like machines in fields, farms and factories. In return they were given two times meal.  The aliens very quickly grasped the immense wealth of knowledge on earth which was open to them. They mastered our computer technology and controlled us with that. The super computers were programmed to control man. An ultrasonic wave of a particular frequency was meant for each individual. Wherever the person may be, the ultrasonic waves traced him there.  Krish, a genius, too was working as a slave. Aliens were unaware that he was the person who had the solution to come out of hibernation. But pity, the solution was known only to him and did not seem to be working so far. The microchips inside them worked on solar energy. So, at sunset, they were programmed to return to their state of complete hibernation. Once the unusual happened, there was a total solar eclipse. It suddenly became dark in the middle of the day. All human slaves dropped down on the ground, except Krish. Krish experienced some intense shivering all over his body. As the sun was out of eclipse, so was Krish out of his hibernation. He saw all others lying still on the ground and could not understand anything at first sight but then his thoughts went thousand years back and he remembered everything. He recalled how he at last had found the solution to come out of hibernation.  He had inserted a microchip in his wrist. This chip gained energy from pulses and was programmed to give him minute shocks, after a thousand years to bring him out of hibernation. This was ineffective so far due to ultrasonic waves blocking it. During the short period of eclipse, when ultrasonic waves were ineffective, his shock system started working and he regained consciousness. Krish went to his Research Center and found it to be dominated by the aliens. Soon he understood the entire situation and started thinking of ways to save everyone from the aliens.  The aliens could not understand the problem with the slaves lying still. They were not prepared for this kind of situation. While they were still trying to solve it, Krish somehow managed to sneak into the control room and changed the software for controlling microchips. He changed the software to give them controlled minute shocks to bring them out of hibernation. Within no time earth was back under man's control. The aliens could not even realize as to what went wrong. They were captured along with their UFO. Everyone was happy to have survived through the thousand years of hibernation and thanked Krish for all that he did to save mankind.
      After much discussion, the aliens were pardoned and sent back to Jupiter. They sent a message of friendship after a few days which was accepted by the earth.

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