4 Nov 2012

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Science Fiction
                    Human Hibernation (Part 1)

 This is a story of future. Many years ahead of present time. It was the beginning of 23rd century, science and technology has reached new heights. Scientists at the Space Centre found something very unusual in the space. Further investigations revealed the deadly fact. A huge comet was approaching earth. It was large enough to engulf our planet. Attempts were made to divert it's path from earth's orbit, but all in vain. Finally, the worst fears came true and yes it indeed was 'The End of the world!'.

 Unbelievable and shocking! but it was happening for real! We had always been hearing different versions regarding the 'End of the World'. But this was something never predicted ever before. The only silver lining was that the comet would not collide with earth as it was a mass of gas but would keep the earth covered for years and years to come. If any life, by chance could survive the engulfing period, it could flourish well again after the comet has passed through earth. But the point was that how could life survive as our planet would remain devoid of sunlight throughout the engulfing period? The time was passing by fast and work on the solution to the problem was being carried out the world over.
               In India, Krish, a young and talented scientist was also trying hard to save the life on earth. He was a spiritual person and had knowledge of various Vedas and Granthas. When his scientific knowledge could not give him any breakthrough he turned to religious side. And he found a clue. He found that the rishis, in ancient time, would survive for ages as they meditated. It was as if time stood still for them. He thought that by any means, if human body and mind could achieve a state similar to that of complete meditation, maybe we can survive the engulfing period. Thus he got the idea of 'Human Hibernation'. His solution got the attention of the world and fast track research began on it. All brilliant minds began to work together and method to go into hibernation was very soon found out. But how to come out of hibernation was still to be found out. People were becoming impatient as the deadline approached and finally a vaccination for human hibernation was officially announced. It was administered free of cost to everyone. It was left to nature to wake humans  out of hibernation, maybe with the next down on earth, years later.

As the comet started engulfing earth, slowly the sunlight began to get blocked from earth, part by part. And  people began to go into hibernation. Beginning with smaller areas and localities turning  into a human hibernation spots, then slowly, whole of towns and villages went into sleep. Eventually entire states and then nations turned pitch dark and lifeless. Roads were abandoned, malls and  all other places which were hustling-bustling with activities few days before, were all lifeless now. There was endless darkness everywhere. There was not a soul to be seen anywhere. Only one person, Krish was still wide awake and working. He knew  that he could not leave it to nature and he had to find a way out of this long sleep of humans. The whole of planet, by now was in deep sleep and finally he found the solution. He jumped with joy. But alas! there was no one to share his joy. His voice echoed back from all directions. He too took the vaccination and went into hibernation.


  1. hmmm
    sci-fi, this is a difficult genre for me to write so I always find it fascinating.

  2. Science Fiction
    Human Hibernation (Part 1)

    Hello there I had a little time so had a look at your work
    science fiction is not my thing but I was quite inpressed with your style and easy flow
    I do not know what Risdis are and found this intresting addition to the background facts
    In short although as said science fiction is not for me I enjoyed reading this opening and I am sure as the story develops it will create intrest with other readers

    1. Thank you so much. A Rishi is a Hindu saint/sage.