25 Dec 2012

An abstract from 'THE DOOMSDAY' - my first ebook soon to be available on all ebook stores.

Within hours they are all set to implement it even if it meant no international support.
They are now about to begin the process when out of the blue they get receive the
green signal for their plan from Florida Research Centre.
Within no time, all the space centres world over began working together on Dr. Ahuja’s
plan. Everybody is very impressed with Dr. Ahuja. They are glad that someone could
come up with a solution and so act on time. Dr. Ahuja had become the hero of the day!
The heartbeat rises as the comet approaches.
There was only one question in their mind; will the world come to an end tonight?
Its evening and Divya is still glued to the telescope. The comet is more bright and clear
now. It has a reddish glow around it. She runs down to the living room and switches on
the T.V.
“They are showing the satellite image of the comet”. Divya calls out to her mom.
Satellites are being programmed to push the comet away from the Earth. It has been
hours and the whole world is watching.
“This could be our last breath on this planet.” Divya murmurs.
Divya keeps on tracking the progress of the operation via news. She keeps dozing in
between and then waking up herself again.
“Divya, go to your room and sleep.” Her mom tries to convince her to be calm.
“No! I want to watch for some more time please.” She sat up straight again listening to
every detail the news provided.
Suddenly, she heard loud speakers shouting outside, “Wake up! Get alert
The comet has gone, but it has left behind a big ball of fire which may land anywhere
near our city.”
She steps outside in her garden and sees people standing on their respective terraces
with binoculars. Then all of a sudden there were shouts, “it’s coming down here.”
everybody runs inside.
Divya looks up. She sees some giant red hot ball coming down towards her. She wants
to shout for help, but her voice is choked. She looks up helplessly. It is coming right
towards her. She can feel the heat of the fire. She closes her eyes to meet her end.
It falls few metres away from her. It has made a huge pit in the ground and is flaring like
molten lava inside it. She sits there shocked. The heat is making her faint.
Soon, she hears fire-engine bells coming to her rescue. She closes her eyes and folds
her hands to pray. She then faints because of the smoke. The ringing is becoming
louder and louder. She is sure she is going to die!
To her relief, it is the doorbell that is ringing. She realizes that it is only a dream. She
opens the door. It’s her dad carrying a weary look on his face.