2 Mar 2013

                    My Rapunzel Braid

My thick, long and silky hair was more of my granny’s obsession than mine. It was suddenly one day, after reading Rapunzel’s tale that I decided not to cut my hair anymore. The thick and long golden braid of Rapunzel, coming down the tall tower had caught up my fancy. Finally crying and stamping my feet on the floor proved fruitful in getting me spared from the scissors of our very own haircutter – my mom. By the time I was eight years old, I had a thick and really long braid like Rapunzel! Every Sunday was a busy day for me and granny. She would massage my hair with coconut oil mixed with herbs, which would follow washing with a mixture of amla (gooseberry) and henna powder. She would carefully dry my hair completely so that no moisture is left to cause me cold. And finally she would comb it into beautiful braids. It was almost a 2 hours procedure and I would grumble all through it, not realising that it was actually a hair treatment for which one would spend hundreds in a spa.
Thanks to her Sunday massages, I never had the problem of split ends with my hair and I was the most rocking girl actually named Rapunzel in the college. But after my granny passed away, the lengthy Sunday ritual was replaced by daily shampooing and soon it started showing dreadful affects. By the time I was out of college, my hair was reduced to half both in length and thickness. The spit ends continued ruining my crowning glory. Luckily, of late, I discovered this magical ‘Dove Split Ends Rescue  System’ and believe me it worked wonders for my hair. My split ends are now a thing of the past. Thanks to the Dove Split Ends Rescue System, I have got my trademark Rapunzel-braid back! At last, I got a perfect replacement for my childhood hair treatment and had this been around some twenty years back, maybe, I and my granny would have spent those two hours every Sunday in something more interesting!   .